About NISA

In 1987, the National Industrial Scale Association was officially formed to support the heavy capacity weighing industry. Until that time, there was no forum for scale users, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and other interested groups to obtain or share information on a purely technical level.

NISA is a highly respected professional association dedicated to serving the heavy capacity weighing industry. As a non-profit organization, NISA is supported by membership dues, member-company sponsorship, and conference attendance fees. NISA’s officers and board directors are volunteers from within the membership who strive diligently to facilitate communication, innovation and networking.

NISA can help you perform your scale-related job better by providing you with the personal contacts and specific information you need.

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The GOALS of the National Industrial Scale Association shall be to:


Support ethical industrial weighing practices for the mutual benefit of weighing equipment manufacturers, scale dealers, end-users, the regulatory community, and the general public.


Create a better understanding of the importance of scales and the processes used in the industrial weighing industry, thus maximizing production efficiency as it relates to the sale of industrial products and consumer goods.


Align harmonization between the weighing industry and the regulatory community.


Lead in the exchange of information related to current and emerging technologies and applications of industrial weighing.


Educate and provide awareness of the requirements and regulations pertaining to the operation, business, and practices of industrial weighing.


Serve in facilitating a means for specialized industrial scale work groups to meet in conjunction with the NISA conferences.