Hopper Scales

The following illustrations, text and photos is an example of the Technical Papers presented at the NISA Spring and Fall Technical Conferences.

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Calibration System

Built in certified test weights, traceable to NIST standards allow for easy testing from the control panel, assuring accurate weights for every train.

Load Cells

Specially designed, self aligning, load cell mounting arrangement utilizing a dual ended shear beam load cells and a parallel link suspension, provides superior static weighing accuracy.

Dustless Chutes

Doubled bladed, slide-gate design assures quick response and reaction to control signals for the most accurate cut off about target weight possible.

Computer System

The use of a high speed, state of the art, computer utilizing Microsoft's Windows provides user friendly screens with powerful pull down menus and icons for ease of operation. Programmable Logic Controllers, coupled with a color graphics Operator Interface Panel, can control entire reclaim and blending systems from the loadout control room.

Automatic Car Identification

Automatic input of rail car serial numbers is accomplished by integration of patented RF reader system

Operator Interface Panel

The Interface Panel allows the operator to control the complete loading system from reclaim to filling the railcar.

Manifest Screens

Computer screens offer sophisticated manifest detail and reporting of information which can be configured to report a variety of information.

Dustless Chute

The unique design of the telescoping, traversing chute has solved the age old problem of "belching" and "dusty" chutes.

Loading Cars

The Seller, Buyer and the Railroad can be assured that cars loaded with hopper scales, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, assures accurate weights for every train. Electronic File and EDI automatically transfers the loadout manifest (Waybill) data to company's or customer's PC/mainframe.