Technical Conferences

Around the middle of April and again in the middle of October NISA puts on a Technical Conference. In addition to the presentations, there is hospitality and a time for fellowship. Each technical conference is organized by the Board of Directors to make the most out of the allotted time away from our work place. The accommodations for these meetings are made at quality Hotels that see to the needs and comfort of our members.

The locations for the conferences are arranged with both interesting field trips and demographics in mind. Consideration is given to the availability of restaurants and activities in the area to satisfy those unfilled hours. Careful attention is given to ensure the quality of the technical conference and the learning environment. Our meetings are for learning first and fun second.

There are typically about eight technical presentations at each conference. Quality presentations and presenters are always first in the mind of our Program Chairman. After each presentation, a series of questions and answers allows audience interaction with the speakers. The presentations are formatted by our publisher and made available to our members in digital format as our annual, NISA Technical Publication.

You can’t run a good technical conference on an empty stomach. That’s why we have chosen accommodations that have quality restaurant facilities in house or adjacent to the Hotel. NISA will sponsor a number of breaks throughout the conference. In addition, each NISA conference typically includes an industry sponsored, hospitality suite during the two-day event. The breaks and the hospitality sessions offer a great opportunity to talk over the material being presented, problems with scale applications, or just to have a friendly chat.

The best way to get to know one another and learn together is by attending the NISA technical conferences. The Spring Meeting often includes a field trip to see industry related applications first hand. Although some tours may include a scale site, we also slip in other types of interesting industrial visits. We have made trips to a Georgia Power generating plant, U.S. Steel’s Pipe Mill, Black Thunder Coal Mine, and Ford’s Truck Assembly Plant to name a few. All fascinating trips and well worth the time spent.

Join us! The experience is worth it!

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